German Snowboarding Gloves - Best Ever

I've been using the same Ziener snowboarding gloves I bought in Germany for >16 years.  They've held up marvelously, but it was time for an upgrade.  THey were still warm and waterproof, but as you can see the material started to flake away on the thumbs.  I thought I may be pushing my luck on how long they would last and since I was in Germany for the last time, the time was right.  I was very please to see that they still make a very similar glove.  They both have flexible wrist guards, but they're removable in the new model.  They both have that easy to grab/use velcro strap over the wrist.  Also, the new model's cords are a bit thicker and a more generous length.  If you're looking for quality that will last you...look no further.