German Snowboarding Gloves - Best Ever

I've been using the same Ziener snowboarding gloves I bought in Germany for >16 years.  They've held up marvelously, but it was time for an upgrade.  THey were still warm and waterproof, but as you can see the material started to flake away on the thumbs.  I thought I may be pushing my luck on how long they would last and since I was in Germany for the last time, I went on the hunt.  I was very pleased to see that they still make a very similar glove, but no online stores in Germany carried the specific model I wanted. I eventually had to order them through a local shop.

The gloves both have flexible wrist guards, but they're removable in the new model.  They both have that easy to grab/use velcro strap over the wrist.  Also, the new model's cords are a bit thicker and a more generous length.  If you're looking for quality that will last you...look no further.

If I Have to Sit, then I Sit on These

As a part knowledge worker, I'm no stranger to sitting for long periods of time behind my computer.  I figured out 16 years ago that my back pain was mostly the direct result of the way I was sitting while working on my computer.  The "ergonomic" chairs that most people can afford are nothing of the sort.  To achieve true ergonomics, one has to spend a bit more money.  Either that, or just stand all day & suffer the trade offs of foot pain. 

This chair is very well built - I bought the below kneeling chair 7+ years ago & its still kicking.  It's Swedish & called the Thatsit Balans with back by Varier.  So much so that I expect to gift it to my future grand-kids.  I recently had a small plastic piece break.  I emailed the company & they sent 2 replacements the next day!  No questions about when I bought it or proof of purchase (however, I did send them a pics of the worn out part), they just supplied the requisite part.  I'm definitely a fan!  One super-minor drawback is that you have to tighten the hex screws about once a year as you're swaying back & forth on a real wood frame & the screws do tend to loosen over time.  No big deal - takes 2 mins once a year.  No regrets here!

If you're a fan of the Showtime show "Billions", you'll see a different variant of this chair in the background of Taylor's flat in season 3 episode 6.  BTW, this particular chair is offered in multiple frame types, seat colors, & seat materials.  It ultimately works out to be thousands of possible configurations. 


While I really enjoy my kneeling chair, my next job has me exiting my chair many times per hour & entering/exiting the kneeling chair that often can get a bit frustrating.  So, I recently bought this German-made chair (called the Swooper).   It's also configurable to the tune of thousands.  I came across it many years ago online, but couldn't find a local dealer to test it out.  As fate would have it, last year my wife's doctor had one in her office.  I was caught testing it out by the office secretary (whoops :) ).   I was hooked.  It's super extensible - it can be normal height or really tall where I'm almost standing & leaning on it.


The Unexpected Toy That Keeps on Giving

The toy that our 3.5 year old keeps going back to over & over is what we call, The Green Machine.  It's actually called the PlasmaCar.  Our son has been using it for 17 months just about every other day.  Beware though it has two major faults, the first of which will become abundantly obvious within minutes.  The plastic wheels that come with it are NOISY.  They also slow your toddler's roll.  I replaced mine with this kit & the blissful return of quietness is not to be understated.  The polyurethane wheels are a must!  The other fault is the semi-sharp nose.  Your toddler will definitely seek to ram your leg and the occasional wall.  To minimize the pain & to quiet those collisions, just tape a section of bumper from the furniture protection roll (which I'm sure you've already invested in) to the nose.   

Finally - A Good Solution for a Sofa Laptop Desk

The Rejects!

The Rejects!

I've done the grand search multiple times for a solution that allows me to work with my laptop from my sofa in a comfortable way.  As evidenced by the rejects to the right, you can see that I've been looking for the optimal sofa table/desk/stand/tray whatever you want to call it (part of the problem I might add).

The Ergotron WorkFit-P Sit-Stand Workstation is the best solution I've found to date.  Its articulating arm and platform are sturdy, stable, & large enough to hold my MacBook Pro as well as a full glass of wine without moving.  You can tighten it up to be as ridged or loose as you want.  It's light, durable, well designed, and thus far - proven to be semi-toddler proof.  I can lift and spin it effortlessly out of the way in an instance all the while the platform is horizontal to the floor.  I had an older version, similar to the Ergotron (however from a different manufacturer), but that one had a smaller platform and was much heavier.  As you can see from the picture below, I've attached my USB Type C HooToo hub to one of the corners with double sided tape and it works marvelously.  The workstation came with 2 different types of mounts.  As you can see from the pic below, I've elected to drill a hole in my table to use the more stable mount - no regrets here, but definitely not for the feint of heart. 

The Ergotron mounted directly to my teak table.

The Ergotron mounted directly to my teak table.